Weight Gain Shakes Be Smart

Weight Gain Shakes
Weight Gain Shakes

If you’re looking to gain lean muscle mass, you may be considering one of the weight gain shakes that are available to purchase at your local supermarket. While it is true that you will certainly require a higher calorie intake while looking to build lean muscle mass, it’s also true that you must be careful about the types of calories that you’re putting in your body otherwise you could start to see unwanted belly fat start to accumulate.

The following are some of the key points to remember as you consider weight gain shakes.

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The Overall Sugar Content

The first thing to look at with any weight gain shake is the level of sugar that it contains. The better quality products will contain a slightly slower digesting form of carbohydrate such as maltodextrin rather than glucose, but still, too much of this can also hinder you.

Ideally you should aim to keep the carb to protein ratio of the shake at no greater than 2:1. This means that for ever gram of protein in the shake, look for no more than two grams of carbohydrate. If you go much beyond this you could be risking fat gain.

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The Types of Fat Included

Second, also think about the types of fat that are included in the shake. Ideally you want an unsaturated variety or even better, a medium-chain triglyceride that can actually be used in the muscle tissue as a fuel source.

Avoid any weight gain shake that is very high in fat, so aim to keep it to no more than 5 grams of fat for every 250 calories of shake. This will help ensure that you’re not packing away too much dietary fat, which won’t satisfy the muscle’s need as well as carbohydrates will.


The Calorie Level

Third, also take a close look at the calorie level. Remember, the main thing that will cause belly fat gain in those eating a higher calorie diet is an overabundance of calories beyond what it takes to synthesize the muscle for that day.

If you’re taking in 600 calorie shakes a few times a day, this quickly adds up. Unless you know you have a very high calorie requirement, aim for weight gain shakes that are closer to the 250-300 calorie mark. You’ll stay leaner while using these.

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Consider Preparing Your Own

Finally, you should also give some careful consideration to just creating your own weight gain shakes as well. This will allow you to completely customize what goes in the shake so you can be absolutely sure you are satisfied with it.

There are many ingredients you can use to prepare the shake including protein powder, yogurt, cottage cheese, frozen or fresh fruit, flaxseeds, natural peanut butter, or dry oats. All of these ingredients will supply high-quality nutrition and help support your quest to add more lean muscle mass.

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So really do think carefully about your decision to add weight gain shakes to your plan. When used properly they can be a training aid however when not used correctly can result in disappointing results.

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