The Master Cleanse Diet
The Master Cleanse Diet

One particular type of diet that many people start up in effort to lose stomach fat is the Master Cleanse diet. While many do see some good results while doing it, it’s important that you know a few vital pieces of information first so you can make the most of this approach and ensure that you stay safe while doing it ( here we will talk about The Master Cleanse Diet What You Must Know About ).

Here’s what to know.

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The Objective Of The Master Cleanse Diet

The main focus of doing the Master Cleanse is two-fold. First you obviously are aiming to cleanse out your system, ridding it off all the waste that’s built up over time. Many people have no idea how much is floating around in their system, causing nasty unwanted side effects.

Simply cleansing the body itself often relieves a great deal of bloating that’s present, instantly making you look slimmer.

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The second main purpose of starting up on the master cleanse is to help jump start a fast rate of weight loss. Since this diet is extremely low in calories, you will experience weight loss at a rapid pace.

But, before you get too overly excited about this, also recognize the fact that much of the weight loss will be stored muscle glycogen and if you carry on the diet for too long, it could also result in lean muscle mass loss.


What To Have On The Master Cleanse Diet

When you’re on the master cleanse diet, you’ll first begin by squeezing some fresh lemon juice into a glass and then adding some rich maple syrup. The maple syrup will provide some calorie energy from the glucose it contains, so at the very least you are going to have some sustenance coming in from this ingredient of the diet.

Once those two are mixed together, then the next step is to add in your cayenne pepper and then finish off with enough water to make it drinkable.

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You are to have this concoction a minimum of six times a day with a maximum of twelve – or however much you need when you feel hungry.

The diet also instructs the user to take a laxative in the morning, at which point you may also want to do a salt water flush as well.

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Making The Master Cleanse Diet Smarter

Now, the big problem with the Master Cleanse diet is the lack of protein that it provides. Since muscle mass is safeguarded by protein intake and the diet is devoid of protein this a fairly large issue.

If you plan on staying on the Master Cleanse diet for a longer period of time, you would be well advised to consume at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight along with the drink. This will help go a long way towards keeping your lean muscle tissue and preventing you from suffering a slowed metabolism.

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The diet also provides instructions that you should ease into it by starting with a ‘living food diet’ on the first day where you’re eliminating all processed foods, then moving to a juice, soups, and broths diet on day two, and then finally moving to just orange juice on day three.

By day four, you’re ready to start into the Master Cleanse diet fully.

While that can make it slightly easier on the system to adjust, you’re still suffering this lack of protein which must be taken care of. If you suffer a much slower metabolism due to following this diet, it will be even harder to lose belly fat down the road.

So keep this information in mind as you consider the Master Cleanse diet. While it can work to speed weight loss, you really must ask yourself at what cost.

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