The Carbohydrates In Alcohol

The Carbohydrates In Alcohol
The Carbohydrates In Alcohol

If you’re following a strict diet aimed to help you lose stomach fat, it’s going to be important that you’re considering how the carbohydrates in alcohol factor into the equation. You’re usually far better off avoiding alcohol altogether if you want to see optimal results, however some people really cannot do without the odd drink now and then ( The Carbohydrates In Alcohol – What You Must Know ).

When it’s on an occasional basis it can be a part of an otherwise well-rounded approach to fat loss, but you do need to be sure that you’re keeping yourself in check.

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The Carbohydrates In Alcohol – What You Must Know

Here are some points to remember about the carbohydrates in alcohol.
Mixers Tend To Cause The Biggest Problem

First off, by far and away the biggest culprit of a higher carbohydrate intake when consuming alcoholic beverages isn’t the alcohol at all, but rather the drink mix that goes in. Unless you’re drinking it with straight water or diet soda, be prepared to take in at least 25-50 grams of carbohydrates per glass.

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Some of the common mixer options people will use are juice, regular soda, as well as sugary cocktail-like blends to create drinks such as daiquiri’s or margaritas. When the final drink is prepared this can easily be 300 or more calories per glass so a single night’s worth of drinking could set you back an entire week’s worth of hard work.

Stay Away From Creamy Liquors

Now if you’re smart enough to be careful of the mixers you’re using, the next thing to watch out for are the creamy liquor options. This includes drinks such as Bailey’s, Kahlua, or any other type of liquor that has a creamy-like look to it.


These will typically contain the most carbs and may even have some added fat as well, so those can cause problems for some people on strict diets.

The Cooler Carbohydrate Connection

Likewise, the second type of alcoholic drink to watch out for is coolers as these are essentially alcohol and mixer in one. They can easily be 150-300 calories per bottle and since they are so easy to take down, you can have three or four in a few hours time without even noticing how much you’ve drunken.

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If you’re watching your diet, you are best off avoiding these altogether and in doing so will also save yourself from the bad hangover that often comes from the alcohol with high sugar level combination.

Straight Liquor Is Your Safest Bet

So, if you are going to drink and are watching your carbohydrate intake, what’s the best choice to go with?

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Any form of straight liquor with water or diet soda will be your safe bet. This will contain approximately 69 calories per ounce and since the mix is calorie and carbohydrate free, you won’t have to worry about that.

Choosing to mix with water is a very smart idea because the additional water intake will at least help to keep you hydrated, which is going to prevent the severe hang-over the next morning as well.

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So really be careful when you’re drinking alcohol on a lower carb diet. You work hard during the week to see results in your effort to lose body fat that it’s a shame for this all to go to waste over one night out on the town.

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