The Calories In Rum

The Calories In Rum
The Calories In Rum

One big reason why some people will falter with their attempt to lose belly fat is because they are drinking far too much alcohol. It’s vital that you always do keep in mind that alcohol does contribute calories to your day and if you’re taking in too many calories, it will stop weight loss dead in its tracks. Learning the calories in rum as well as all the other caloric values of other drinks you may be consuming is a wise decision to help you make sure you stay with your diet.

Here’s what you need to know.

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The Calories In Rum – Get Your Facts Straight

Calories In Straight Rum

If you’re drinking any variety of straight rum, you’ll be looking at a calorie intake of about 69 calories per one ounce serving. This liquor has about 35% alcohol content and contains zero grams of fats, carbohydrates, and protein.

Always remember that if you’re drinking your rum with any type of mixer such as soda that will also add additional calories as well. Often this is where many people get caught because after four or five mixed drinks, they will have easily taken in one thousand calories.

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If you figure the soda that you mix with contains about 120 calories if you’re using a tall class and then the liquor itself adds another 69 as illustrated above, you can quickly see just how fast this adds up.

Calories In Rum Cream Liqueur

Now, some people may choose to drink the creamier variety of rum beverage and if that’s your decision, then you’re looking at slightly more calories at 103 per one ounce serving.


In addition to the alcohol calories with this drink you’re also going to take in 11 grams of carbohydrates as well, so those following a low carbohydrate diet will need to add this to their daily total. The combination of alcohol as well as the carbohydrate count can really throw off that dietary approach, particularly if one is in a state of ketosis (as is the case with very low carbohydrate diets). This is something that you must be aware of.

Total Ounces Per Drink

Finally, it’s also important that you remember to consider just how many ounces of liquor are in each drink that you take. Some bars or shot glasses will contain over one ounce per shot, so then your calorie intake from that rum could be one and a half times the stated amount above, or in some cases double.

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Anyone who’s strictly watching their calorie intake must make note of this difference if they are going to attempt to work these calories into their plan.

Finally, also remember that if you are adding liquor to your daily diet in replacement of other healthier options (to keep total calorie level at your target intake), you could be setting yourself up for long-term health problems.

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You may be able to maintain your body weight if you cut back on food and add the alcohol to the day, but this is not optimal for stomach fat loss or overall health promotion.

So keep this all in mind when thinking about the calories in rum. They do add up quickly if you aren’t monitoring your intake.

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