Recipes To Lose Belly Fat

Recipes To Lose Belly Fat
Recipes To Lose Belly Fat

If you’re like many people, you’ve started up on a low carb diet and are now on the hunt for a few no carb recipes to make your meal planning more interesting. More and more people are switching over to this type of diet plan as it’s a great one for helping to control hunger and help you see the results you’re looking for.

Recipes To Lose Belly Fat – Creating Tasty No Carb

One thing that some people do find though is that it can get tricky to plan their meals with this style of eating since so many of their favorite foods do contain carbohydrates. Fortunately with a few quick tips you can help bring back the taste of your food while still maintaining that low carb diet.

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Here are some quick points to get you started so you can begin seeing results in your quest to lose belly fat.

Replace Flour With Ground Almonds and Protein Powder

If you’re big on preparing a variety of baked goods such as muffins or breads, you’re definitely going to have to make a few alterations to make this a no carb recipe. One good way to cut back on the amount of flour included in the recipe is to substitute half of it with ground almonds, ground flaxseeds, or coconut flour, and then substitute the other half for protein powder.
This will also give you a really great protein boost to the recipe as well, which is something that most people on these diets are looking for. You’ll have to use trial and error to figure out your ideal proportion of each of these ingredients but both will enhance the overall taste of the food you’re preparing.

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Swap Mashed Cauliflower For Mashed Potatoes

If you’re planning a larger turkey dinner or any other meal that calls for mashed potatoes, these will definitely be out when on a no carb diet. Depending on the strictness of the diet plan you are using, if you are allowed to include non-starchy vegetables, consider mashed cauliflower instead.

Use a small amount of chicken broth or heavy cream for added flavour and mash some steamed cauliflower up just as you would your traditional mashed potatoes.


This will be significantly lower in overall carbohydrate count and will enable you to reach your dietary goals easier.

Look Into Sugar-Free Syrups

Another line of products that are on the market that will help you stick with your no carb recipes that much easier are sugar-free syrups. These come in a wide variety of different flavors from the fruity flavors like strawberry, raspberry, and peach, to more decadent flavors such as German chocolate, marshmallow, vanilla hazelnut, and so on.

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These are terrific when added to coffee rather than sugar, or stirred into cottage cheese or your protein pancakes. Since many people will typically crave these types of flavors when using a no carb diet due to the fact they are the foods that are restricted, this is a very easy way to kill those cravings fast.

Use Shiraktaki Noodles In Pasta Dishes

Finally, the last way to help you create delicious no carb recipes is to make good use of Shiraktaki noodles. While these do cost more than your traditional noodle, they are virtually carbohydrate and calorie free so can fit in with any meal you might be craving.

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Those individuals who severely crave pasta while dieting will fall in love with these noodles instantly.

So keep these quick points in mind as you create your very own no carb recipes. If you make use of these suggestions, you’ll find following this diet plan a great deal easier than you once thought.

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