Proven Review How to Avoid SCAM

I bought and used proven from neutral vesta for a few months now and decided to make this review video so firstly i will expose a scam that made me lose all the money that was inside my paypal account while i was trying to pay for it proven i will explain where to be careful that you can make sure that you’re staying away from this and after i share more about proven supplement itself and will then walk you through the personal experience that i had with using proven supplements for these past few months and all the good and best that i discovered ( Proven Review How to Avoid SCAM ).

now let me start by telling you guys what the scam is and what you have to do is prevent it please you have to pay close attention right now that you don’t risk your money by falling for this scam i’m about to talk right now.

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the scam is not involved with the product at all there are a bunch of smarts out there and they know that proven is a very popular product that is getting a lot of attention online they’ve gone out of their way to copy and clone the real and official websites and when they’re done cloning these websites they then go and run google and youtube as targeting people that are searching for stuff related to proven what they do with those stats is that they offer you insane discounts and bonuses so as to you know lure you into paying through their websites and then what they then do is once you go over to their websites and enter your credit card details there they make as many withdrawals as they can from your bank.

everyone that’s thinking of using proven has to be very careful and they even make sure you and your bank card details are 100 safe i would recommend that after reading this you finally decide to use proven that you click through this link and pay through there and you know that’s the way you’re 100 sure that you’re buying it from the real and official proven supplement website.

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i’m sure this is the correct website because it’s the one that you need to go to because that’s where i paid for my own bottles of proven which were delivered instantly twice so even if after reading this review and learning all the goods and bugs that come with proven you are not ready to pay for proven right now all you have to do is just to make sure you ignore any advert or video that tells you that you can get insane discounts or bonuses this isn’t real don’t repeat my mistake i’ve actually bought and used it.

when you’re ready to buy and use this link and it’s the direct link to their official website and that’s where i actually bought my own bottles two months ago and we ordered a few days ago as well so now that i’ve shown you guys what exactly you need to do to make sure your bank and paypal details are 100% safe let me now walk you through my personal experience with proven and also just show you guys before and after pictures that i put together specifically for this proven review watch the video.


Proven Review How to Avoid SCAM

i heard a proven through an advert that i saw on news website at the time and i got interested and wanted to check it out because i was really gaining weight at the time so basically i just clicked over looked through their page watched the long sales video and then i was very moved and wanted to make the payment but i was still a little bit skeptical about the whole thing and that’s when i decided to go and check for reviews so i went over to youtube and searched and watched a bunch of review videos on program and from what i saw in the review videos which you know all spoke good about the products i then decided okay that i was going to give it a try.

but going there i saw some ads on youtube saying you know something like 90 discount off proven for today only and i thought in my mind you know why not go through the website get 90 Off of what you’re supposed to pay for the proven supplement bottles well the bottles it was actually you know around 20 bucks for the bottle so i’ve been clicked over the the ad entered my paypal account details and they charged me to sum of 150 three different times and they would have taken more but what i had inside my paypal account at the time was just about 500 and 10 dollars.

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take me a few weeks to pull myself together and accept it was my fault because i was the one that was looking to go get a discount i finally go to their official website order my bottles and got them delivered i saw really good results on me so reorder recently to share with my mom as she also have problems with losing weight.

the supplement actually works but i would warn you not to expect fast results because it took me about two to three weeks of consistent intake as prescribed to actually start noticing visible results so you have to be patient with yourself in the supplement as well now that i walk you through my personal experience with proven.

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you guys can actually get to the way you know way both the pros and cons out and then make the final decision and whether or not that proven is something that you would want to use so i started with the pros the first thing that i would love to mention as a pro as regards proven is the fact that the supplement actually works you and i both know that there are a ton of weight loss ebook supplements and programs that don’t work at all but this one unlike the other ones out there actually works and provides results.

the second pro i’d like to talk about here as to deal with the fact that it has a money back guarantee that would actually enable you to get a 100 no question asked refund if you use it and find out it didn’t work for you this makes the whole thing risk free as you can actually buy proven today try it and ask for a refund if it doesn’t work out for you i would also urge you to make sure that it’s not your fault that the supplement didn’t work for you make sure you take it consistently as prescribed so that you’re be sure the fall is not from your end the third and final thing that i would love to mention as a pro that comes with proven is the fact that it’s actually approved by the FDA which is the food and drug administration, all ingredients not only 100 natural but save as well.

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so yeah you now know that we looked at the pros it’s good that the clients as well so you know you can weigh them out and decide whether you are going to be able to use proven or not so the first thing i would mention here is that there are a lot of fakes going around everywhere looking to take advantage of you so i really consider this a coin because i think this official proven company should do something about that but you know guys you can use the link i put below to be sure you are safe and that’s a link to their official website so yeah that brings us to con number two which is you know as con that comes with proven is that children below 18 shouldn’t take this supplement.

i understand that there’s quite a big problem with overweight kids these days but if you fall into this category please pay attention to this and follow recommendations and the last con is the fact that it actually requires us to pay shipping charges well i personally don’t have a problem with this you know considering it’s a physical supplement bottle that has to be delivered and the cost stays the same if you buy more bottles for family members or if you are from u.s you get free shipping with three or six bottle cap packages but i know some people might not like the fact that there are shipping fees involved so yeah guys i think i should be done with this review now my personal experience and the pros and cons and all that all i ask for you is in return is just to please leave a like on this video and drop a comment down below i always be around to answer the questions if you have any and thanks for watching guys and good luck