How To Lose Weight In A Week Only With Exercises

We all want to be in shape and to have a nice body. However, for some people, going to the gym implies financial difficulties or they simply do not feel comfortable in such an environment, or their time it is requested from other activities. In this case, if you can’t renounce your bad eating habits, it will be harder to answer to the question how to lose weight in a week, but it is possible.

Here are some exercises you can perform successfully in front of the TV while watching your favorite television programs.

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  • The exercise program can start with jogging on the spot, helping you with the how to lose weight in a week process.
  • The exercises that will become the preferred entertaining activity (which lasts about 15 minutes per hour) will be jogging on the spot. If you’re sitting in front of TV two hours, half an hour is reserved to jogging.


  • Is one of the best cardio exercise, consuming up to 130-150 calories in a half hour. So while listening to favorite music, have fun burning calories!


  • These are appropriate exercises to strengthen leg muscles and buttocks, and to improve the effectiveness of the how to lose weight in a week process. You will need to put your hands on hips and the back will remain perfectly straight with the eyes forward. The exercises will be repeated several times over a period of 15 minutes and 10 minutes after the break, resume.


  • For 10 – 15 minutes easy jump lifting peaks form. This makes a perfect cardio exercise while watching your favorite program helping you how to lose weight in a week.


  • While watching TV programs, you can do crunches. 20-30 repetitions of this exercise will result in strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Kicks and punches

  • Moves that will mimic the application of punches and kicks an imaginary partner, while they keep the feet moving. Sometimes any kind of activity is appropriate.

After you make these easy exercises you must drink water. Starting a series of exercises implies to ventilate the room first. If you want to raise the level of difficulty of the exercises, you must gradually increase the number if equipments used: for example, a treadmill, a bike lock, a ball, inflatable exercise ball, dumbbells, etc..Physical activity is welcomed in any form as long as it is done correctly, after a program to follow.

Here are the main benefits of exercising:

  • Keep in good shape cardiovascular system
  • Develop more physical strength
  • A better balance and flexibility
  • Increase physical endurance
  • The number of calories burned is higher

Exercising will guarantee you a faster and more effective weight loss process, but it won’t mean you can continue eating junk food and other harmful sweets and snacks. Even if you are not on a strict diet, as least try to eliminate those harmful foods, and the process of weight loss will increase in effectiveness.

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