How Grape Juice Diet Helps You Eat Less And Weight Loss?

Green grapes are often referred to as the “Queen of Fruits” because they are packed with many healthy ingredients including poly-phenolic anti-oxidants, minerals and vitamins. Some of the more popular green “cultivars” are the Sugarone, Calmeria and the Thompson Seedless green grapes, and varieties that grow all over the world.

Grapes have been harvested on a commercial level since 1869, when Charles Welch, of New York State, began to promote the many benefits of drinking grape juice, on a daily basis. Grape juice diets have been around for nearly a century, and have been shown to have many healthful benefits when followed as directed.

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How Grape Juice Diet Helps Benefits of Drinking Green Grape Juice Include:

Low Calories – Green grapes are low in calories. A single 100 grams serving of fresh grapes has just 69 calories, with absolutely no cholesterol levels.Rich in Resveratrol – Full of the poly-phenolic, chemical compound Resveratrol, it works as a powerful antioxidant and protects against cancers including prostate and colon.

Also helps lower the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD, Alzheimer’s disease, fungal/viral infections and degenerative nerve disease. Resveratrol has been shown to significantly diminish the risk of stroke by altering the cellular level molecular mechanism in all blood vessels.Vitamins and Flavonoids -Rich inflavonoids and vitamins, green grapes help to combat colds due to its high content of vitamin C.

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High concentrations of vitamin K found within the grapes helps promote healthy bones and blood.

Anthocyanins and Catechins – Also a poly-phenolic antioxidant, anthocyanins have been found to have positive health promoting properties as anti-allergic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory activities as well as being a safeguard against cancer.Catechins is a flavanoid related to the tannin group of grapes with effective antioxidants properties that promote health protection functions.


Thiamine – In just a single cup of green grapes, there is nearly 6% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) of thiamine.

Also referred to as vitamin B1, thiamine reduces nerve inflammation, suppresses appetite and promotes growth. Long used as a preventative measure against beriberi, clinical findings have found it helps to convert stored fats into energy by raising the rate of the body’s metabolism of protein and fat conversion. As a necessary diet nutrient, it helps promote healthy a liver, eyes, hair and skin, and has been proven effective for keeping the brain and nervous system in a healthy state.

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Pyridoxine – One cup of green grapes provides approximately 6% of the recommended daily allowance of pyridoxine. This B6 vitamin, pyridoxine can only be acquired through dietary intake and is partially responsible for the creation of health promoting chemicals that send signals to hormones and nerve cells that have a significant influence on our mood. Additionally, it has been proven to regulate our body’s internal clock.

Low in fat and sodium, and high levels of minerals, dietary fiber and vitamins, green grapes are one of the healthiest fruits we consume. They contain no cholesterol but are rich in potassium and iron, and have great flavor with high nutrition. Clinical studies show that drinking a green grape juice diet, as instructed, will help promote better health while serving as an effective weight loss tool.

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