Green Tea Side Effects You Should Know About

Green Tea Side Effects You Should Know About
Green Tea Side Effects You Should Know About

By now, there’s a very good chance that you’ve come to hear about all the positive health benefits that green tea has to offer including its ability to help you lose belly fat. Amongst all this information however, some people do not fully take the time to realize the green tea side effects that could come into play and potentially cause some problems.

Most wouldn’t think of green tea as a form of supplementation as it comes across as a natural herbal beverage, but there are green tea side effects that can occur in some people. Not everyone will experience these – most people are perfectly alright with regular consumption, but for the few out there who do, they’re good to know about.
The following is what you need to know.

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Due to the fact that this tea does contain caffeine, one of the side effects that often is experienced is a degree of restlessness. You may begin to feel somewhat anxious or just have a hard time sitting still, feeling as though you have to keep moving around.

If you find that you get this same feeling after drinking a cup of coffee, then it’s a fairly safe assumption that you do have an insensitivity to caffeine and that’s what’s at the heart of this issue.

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Some people may not feel restlessness so much as they do irritable because of this caffeine, so that’s another thing to watch out for. If you find that even small occurrences tend to ’set you off’ after drinking green tea when they otherwise likely wouldn’t have, that’s when you know you may be experiencing green tea side effects.

Sleeping Difficulties

Another issue that can come about after green tea consumption is a difficulty maintaining your sleep schedule. If you find that on days you’re drinking green tea you lay awake in bed for hours before getting to sleep then that’s another side effect at play.


This again is often due to the caffeine content of the tea, especially if you happen to be drinking it in the later evening hours. If you typically maintain quite a low caffeine intake in your diet and don’t ever consume coffee, your body is going to react to the caffeine to a much more noticeable degree.

You might find that if you continued to drink it regularly this may decrease over time, but you’ll be the one who has to determine if you can deal with it for the time being.

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Allergic Reactions

One of the more serious of the green tea side effects that a select few people might experience is an allergic reaction. Typically the rate of this happening is very low, but when it does you may find that you’re struggling to breathe, you feel as though your throat is beginning to close, and that you have swelling of your lips, tongue, or face.

If this begins to occur after drinking green tea, see your doctor as soon as possible and have some allergy tests done. It’s important to figure out if this is the problem at play before consuming the green tea again.

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By keeping these green tea side effects in mind you can be sure that this is going to be a healthy beverage choice for you. There definitely are many health benefits to green tea so it is something you should try and add to your daily diet, but not if it’s going to pose serious problems for your well-being.

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