Custom keto diet Review How to lose weight with the Keto Diet Plan

Custom keto diet Review How to lose weight with the Keto Diet Plan

Custom keto diet

hi guys i’m gonna be sharing with you what i’ve been working on i am so
freaking excited to tell you guys all about it let’s go ahead and get started okay so for the last year i have been doing the keto diet and a lot of you already know if you follow me on social media or you’ve seen any of my other videos but i’ve lost over 55 pounds from the keto diet and then working out as well

Custom Keto Diet

i started the keto diet i had no idea what i was doing how it worked what meals i should be eating so within the past year i’ve created my own meals figured out things that worked what just kind of figured everything out on my own doing that i was able to lose like i said over 55 pounds okay so with a lot of trial and error over the past year and like i said figuring out what worked and what didn’t work and coming up with my own meals and all of that stuff oh my god i’m so nervous i am actually coming out with my own keto meal plans i know

i can’t even believe it literally doesn’t even feel real like oh my god so for the last three months i’ve been working on them non-stop figured i tested out all the meals all the recipes basically everything to come up with this meal plan and all of it for you guys and i am so freaking excited like oh my god it doesn’t even feel real it feels like a freaking dream so yeah i’m going to be offering meal plans and then i’m also going to be offer offering one-on-one coaching that you have to apply for

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i wanted to do it that the meal plans anybody can buy but the coaching you have to apply and i have to be the one to approve it and then we kind of go from there yeah all of these will be available on my website i will leave the link for my website down below but it is up now i am so excited i can’t even believe this is real life like when i quit my job to do this full-time like i felt like it was a dream like i felt like it was the craziest thing i could have ever done and never in a million years did i ever see myself doing this but when i started the keto diet and working out and all of that i i just learned like i love it this is what i love to do and being able to share my journey and everything on my instagram and with you guys it’s just i love helping people and i love everything to do with keto and health and fitness and mental health just everything this is honestly what i love doing

Custom keto diet Review How to lose weight with the Keto Diet Plan

i am so excited that i was able to create a product for you guys that hopefully you guys love i’ve never done anything like this before but i’ve put my heart and soul into it and i hope you guys love it i wanted to talk a little bit more about what is included in the plans and everything and all of that stuff when i created these plans a lot of you know that i’ve struggled with binge eating body dysmorphia and mental health all of my life like since i can ever remember i would have loved to have somebody there to help guide me through diet and health and mental health and all of that but i didn’t know where to look i didn’t know where to find those things when i was younger i didn’t even really know those things existed when i first came up with this idea to create these plans i wanted to focus it on helping women or i mean it’s mainly going to be focused on women but men don’t you worry i’ve already made a meal plan for my dad


i definitely do meal plans for guys as well but 99 of my followers are women and i feel like that’s my strong suit i wanted to create a plan that not only will i obviously send you your meal plan but i’m gonna be there for you to help you mentally throughout your journey i wanted to create something that i was able to not just send you a meal plan and say okay here you go you’re on your own now i want to be there with you through your journey coaching you and helping you and just because i know how hard it is i know how hard it is to go through these things and not have anybody helping you or have any guidance anything like that

i wanted to create something that focused on overcoming binge eating and helping you overcome body dysmorphia and mental health and everything like that because i truly do believe that just with diet and physical exercise you can completely transform your life and i know that from experience because i’ve done that and i’ve never been happier like i’m in the best place i’ve ever been in my life and i just wanted to help i wanted to give back to you guys and have something that could help you do the same thing and transform your life so that’s why i created these meal plans and one-on-one coaching and i’m so extremely excited for you guys let’s go ahead and get into what exactly how long the mail fans are and what the meal plans come with so i have my notes down here so if you see me looking down there

Custom Keto Diet

i just wanted to make sure i covered everything in this video that you guys know everything that i’m offering and i go into depth about the meal plans and everything i will be offering a seven day meal plan that’s just kind of like a trial it’s definitely one of the cheaper options and it’s just kind of i like i said i will create a meal plan for you customize it to your needs and everything and it’s just kind of like a trial to see if you like the meal plan if you want to continue with it and then after you buy that if you want to keep going you can obviously buy one of my longer meal plans but that was just kind of like a test and see if you like it kind of thing before investing more money

i’ll be offering a seven week meal plan a four week meal plan an eight-week meal plan and a 12-week meal plan and then i like i said i will also be offering one-on-one coaching that you’ll have to apply for and then i’ll go through the applicants and pick it that way that one’s gonna be more expensive and i’ll kind of go into depth and explain that more but i just wanted to focus on the meal plans right now each meal plan comes with the same things but the difference is it’s going to be a longer period of time obviously each meal plan will come with a customized meal plan that i create for you i will send you a questionnaire to fill out before i even start making the meal plan it’s a super in-depth questionnaire

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i understand physical goals if you’re allergic to anything what food you don’t like what you do like how active you are things like that it’s just a super in-depth questionnaire i can get to understand you better your goals better and then i can come up with a meal plan that best fits you and your goals i will be doing that the meal plan is going to be sent as a pdf file you a pdf it’ll have the meal plan on there it’ll have a customized shopping list it will have every recipe you know how to make everything what ingredients you need and then it’ll also show how many calories and your macros for every single day on there and the total of each day and how much you’re eating that’s what i’m going to be sending in the pdf file i’ll also be doing customized macros for you

in the questionnaire i will ask all the questions figure out how much you should be eating every day and i want to make sure that i’m not you’re not starving to death you’re actually eating and you’re eating good whole foods and good fats

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customize macros we’ll also be sending you an ebook that i created and it is called the keto diet guide for beginners it’s about i think 15 or 16 pages but it just goes into depth about what the keto diet is how to overcome the keto flu what what fats are good fats just basically everything you need to know with the diet i’ll be sending you that you can read over it before i send you your meal plan you can just understand the keto diet and hopefully it’ll answer a majority of the questions that you have and also be doing weekly check-ins with you just do it through email but i’ll just check in to see how you’re doing with everything how you’re adjusting if you have any questions how your results are coming all of that stuff and then the biggest thing with my meal plans that’s different from the rest is every two weeks i’m gonna check in with you see where you’re at as far as your weight loss goals how you’re liking the meals all of that and whatever you don’t like or whatever you do like i’m going to adjust the meal plan to help you see your optimum results

i’ll be switching the meals i’ll be switching how many calories if we need to increase your calories if we need to decrease them i’m gonna be fully focused on you and making sure that you are seeing the best results possible and that at the same time you’re getting enough food and nutrition and all of that every two weeks along with the weekly check-ins i’ll be checking in to see what we need to adjust with your meal plan if we need to adjust anything if you’re seeing awesome results some will just leave it as it is but i’m gonna be offering that because i know how hard it is to just get a meal plan and have the same meals for a certain amount of time and you plateau and you stop seeing results that’s not what i want with my meal plan i want to help you

if you do plateau we can figure it out and we can overcome it and we can adjust the milk on as needed like i said you’ll get a customized weekly shopping list and and then weekly check-ins like i had already mentioned and lastly i like i already kind of talked about i wanted to offer plans where i would be with you every step of the way i want to be there for you mentally emotionally anything you need i’m going to be offering the guidance and the help that you need if you’re struggling with something send me an email or send me a dm on instagram and we will get it figured out it’s not a here’s your meal plan and i’m just not going to talk to you again that’s not what i want i wanted to create something where that i was able to help you guys through your journey and watch you guys just grow and see the best results possible because i know i would have loved something like that and there just isn’t really anything out there to wear unless you’re wanting to pay like thousands of dollars for like a personal trainer a nutritionist like things like that i wanted to offer something that was still affordable but i’m going to be there for you every step of the way you guys will have access to me through email

so any questions anything you have i will be there to help you and to help you throughout this entire journey everything will be linked down below my website all the information is on there my email is also listed on the website if you have any questions about the meal plans or anything like that please feel free to email me or send me a dm and i’m more than happy to answer any questions that you may have hopefully this video answered most of them but i’m seriously excited to be launching this and to have created these meal plans and i’m just excited keto meal plans are out now website is listed down below thank you guys so much for allowing me to even have this opportunity i wouldn’t even be able to do this if it wasn’t for you guys and i mean just allowing me to share my journey over the last year with you guys this is honestly like this is honestly such a dream i’m literally the most emotional person i’m gonna try to not get emotional but this is such a dream and i’m so excited to help people to help people overcome like binge eating and body dysmorphia because i’ve been there and i know how hard it is to go through these things by yourself

i’m so excited to offer meal plans that are easy to follow easy meals and they’re gonna be completely customized to you guys and with and i’m gonna be there to help you guys with whatever i possibly can thank you guys so much for allowing me to even make this possible again i wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you guys so thank you incredibly much uh this honestly feels like a dream like i’ve never been more grateful for something in my entire life

so thank you guys from the bottom of my heart like it truly does mean the absolute world hopefully that answered any of your questions that you have about the meal plans but again if you have any other questions please feel free to reach out how it works is you can just purchase the meal plan on my website and within a couple of minutes you’ll get you’ll get an email sent to you that has the questionnaire and then the ebook for you guys to read and as soon as you fill out the questionnaire just allow me 24 to 48 hours to get your meal plan customized and then emailed over to you and we can kind of go from there but yeah

thank you guys so much i’m seriously so excited to even have this out in the world to be announcing this for the first time since uh i don’t even know i feel like i’ve had to keep the secret and it’s been so hard because i just wanted it i’ve literally had so many of you dm me asking if i was gonna start selling meal plans if i would consider selling meal plans and the entire time i was like i’m doing it i’m working on it i’m just making sure that it’s the best thing that i could ever offer you guys obviously i’m gonna continue to better the plans do everything i possibly can to make these plans the best for you it’s finally here three months later we’re here i’m launching my website i’m launching my mail plans and i’m so excited so thank you guys again for allowing me to even have this opportunity hopefully this answered a lot of questions

Thank you