Best Protein Shakes for Muscle Growth

Best Protein Shakes for Muscle Growth
Best Protein Shakes for Muscle Growth

There are a number of different things that your body needs in order to effectively grow muscle. One thing that is often given a lot of prevalence, as far as nutrition is concerned is protein ( so what is Best Protein Shakes for Muscle Growth ).

People that are lifting weights and trying to add muscle mass to the body will take protein in almost any way that they possibly can. They eat massive amounts of meat, as well as trying all of the new protein shakes that are on the market. The best protein shakes, however, do not necessarily come prepackaged in a can. As a matter of fact, these protein shakes are often made, piece by piece.

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Although I’m going to give you the 3 best protein shakes that you can make, you really need to modify them in order to suit your own tastes. Two of them are going to be fairly common and they are not going to make you step outside of your comfort zone at all. The other, however, may be a new concept to you but if you look at the science behind why it works, you would be surprised but exactly how much you can gain by drinking it.

Protein Shake #1

The first type of protein shake that I would like to talk about is one that is dairy-based. A little bit of milk, yogurt and some great tasting protein foods go into making the shake, but you need to modify it in order to suit your own tastes. My personal favorite way of making one of the shakes is to take a little bit of milk, some yogurt, several different types of fruit and some peanut butter and mix it into a smoothie. I tend to start my day out with one of the shakes, and it works great.

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Protein Shake #2

The second type of shake that you can try is whey protein powder. This protein is easily assimilated by the body and not only does it help you with muscle growth, it also helps you to balance a number of different processes inside the body which make you healthier. For example, homocysteines, which naturally occur in the body but which can occur at high enough numbers to cause stroke and heart disease are minimized whenever whey is added into your diet. It is also excellent for adding muscle to the body.

Protein Shake #3

The third type of protein shake that I would like to discuss is another type of smoothie, but perhaps one that you had not considered before for adding muscle to your body. It is a green smoothie, that consists of two different types of fruits and a handful of green, leafy vegetables. This is excellent for the body and the blood and it contains a number of different enzymes that the body needs in order to build muscle efficiently. Some greens, such as kale, also have quite a bit of protein that exist in the leaves and this can add natural protein into your diet which also goes straight to the muscles as well. It’s a delicious smoothie that should not be overlooked, simply because it is healthy.


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