Gain your dream body in just two 15-minute weekly workouts by harnessing the latest science in muscle stimulation

Meet Mary, One Of Our 10x ‘Test Subjects’ From The Mindvalley Community:

As you can see, Mary’s 10x transformation was amazing - but what’s even more amazing is that it took just 15 minutes of exercise, twice a week, for only 6 months.

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This Is My Personal 10x Transformation

I started working out with 10x in 2016 (I’m already slim here because I was doing WILDFIT, Mindvalley’s optimal nutrition protocol). As you can see, my body started changing dramatically in just a few weeks – and kept getting better and better. Remember: just 15 minutes a workout, twice a week.

What 10x Did To Mindvalley Team Member Jason Campbell

The leftmost photo is how Jason started out. The second photo is Jason after shedding body fat with WILDFIT, Mindvalley’s optimal nutrition protocol. The third photo is Jason after 6 months of 10x. Note the dramatic change in his muscle mass and definition.

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